How to Open AHK Files: A Guide to AutoHotkey Scripts

AHK files are powerful enough to carry out complex tasks using the hotkeys defined using the hotkeys. AHK files can be opened with text editors such as Microsoft Notepad and Notepad++ .

AutoHotkey (AHK) scripts are programs that perform automated tasks on your computer. To run them, you’ll need AutoHotkey installed on your PC. You can download AutoHotkey at or by doing a quick Google search.

AHK scripts come in two forms: plain text code and .HK files. If you have an .HK file, simply double-click it to run the script. If you have the code, copy and paste it into a text file on your desktop. Then, rename the text file to .AHK, and it will automatically become an executable AHK script.

Editing AHK scripts is easy. You can change the interval, buttons, and other variables to suit your needs. For example, if you want to reset or change intervals, you can simply edit the code accordingly.

In the video, Sammy from Acrobat Danish demonstrates how to use an AHK script to automatically click on a cookie in the game Cookie Clicker. He also notes that specific scripts may not work on updated versions of games. Additionally, he highlights that you can toggle scripts on and off.

In sum, using AHK scripts can save you time and automate repetitive tasks. To open an AHK file, simply double-click it if it’s an .HK file or rename a text file with the code to .AHK. From there, you can edit the code to suit your needs, toggle it on and off, and enjoy the benefits of automation.


How do I open an AKH file?
How to open an AHK file. Since AHK files are plain text files, you can open and edit them in any text editor, including: Microsoft Notepad. Microsoft WordPad.
How do I edit an AHK file?
Same if you double-click the file. Right-click on it and select “Edit.”. Another approach is to open it from Notepad from the “File” menu. After selecting that, choose “Open…” then choose your script file.