How to Open .AVIF Files on Windows 11

You can open an AVIF file with Google Chrome, Apple Preview, Adobe Photoshop, qView, and several other image viewers . Windows users can open AVIF files with Microsoft Paint or Microsoft Photos, but must first install the AV1 Video Extension.

If you’ve ever come across an avif file on your Windows 11 computer, you may have noticed that it won’t open or display properly. This is because Windows 11 doesn’t recognize the file type extension and doesn’t have a default app associated with it. But fear not, there is a way to open these files and display them properly using the Windows 11 Photo app.

First, right-click on the avif file and select “Show more options” and then “Properties”. In the “General” tab, you should see that the file type is an avif file and that it currently opens with an unknown application. To associate the file with the Windows 11 Photo app, click on the “Change” button next to “Opens with”. In the window that appears, locate the Photos app and select it. Then click “Set default”, “Apply”, and “OK”.

Now when you double-click on the avif file, it should open in the Photos app. However, you may see a message at the bottom of the app that says “The av1 video extension is required to display this file. Download and install it now.” Click on the hyperlink text to download and install the extension. If the Photos app doesn’t open, you can also search for the “av1 video extension” in the Microsoft Store and install it from there.

Once the extension is installed, you can close out of the Microsoft Store and the Photos app and double-click on the avif file again. This time, the file should display properly in the Photos app. If you want to see a thumbnail preview for your avif image file instead of the default icon, simply restart your computer and the preview should appear.

In conclusion, opening and displaying avif files on Windows 11 is easy once you have the av1 video extension installed and associated with the Photos app. No need to worry about not being able to access your avif files anymore!


How do I convert AVIF to JPEG?
Upload avif-file(s) Select files from Computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL or by dragging it on the page.Choose "to jpeg" Choose jpeg or any other format you need as a result (more than 200 formats supported)Download your jpeg.
How do I convert AVIF to JPG in Windows?
Step 1: Go to Microsoft Photos and open the AVIF image you want to convert. Step 2: Click on the ellipsis icon “…” and select Save as. Step 3: Select the . jpg format in the drop-down box of the pop-up window, and click Save.
Does Windows 10 support AVIF?
Windows 10 does not support the AVIF image format natively, but the software giant has incorporated this functionality into some of its core programs, notably the File Explorer and Paint program.
Can I open AVIF file in Photoshop?
Photoshop AVIF plugin A plugin for Adobe® Photoshop® allows users to load and save AV1 Image (AVIF) images. Users can load individual photos and save them in 8, 10, or 12 bits per channel.