How to Multitask in iPhone: Split Screen Multitasking Explained

To enable multitasking on iPhone, go to Settings – Home Screen &, Dock – Multitasking, where you can toggle multitasking on or off .

Split screen multitasking has been one of the most requested features from iPhone users for a very long time now, and in this blog post, we will explore this feature. We will discuss an application that allows you to use split screen multitasking on your iPhone and give you an idea of how it would look like and feel on your iPhone.

Picture-in-picture is a feature that allows you to watch a video floating on screen while doing other things like going on social media, taking notes, or browsing Safari. We also have split screen multitasking in messages, emails, and notes with the camera. For example, you can scan any documentation or anything into an email, message, or notes.

With iOS 17, the split screen multitasking experience that users have been asking for is basically the ability to have multiple apps open at the same time. You can resize the window, make the bottom one smaller or vice versa, and go into landscape mode. However, this feature does not seem practical or something that most users would want on their iPhone.

The app we found in the app store allows you to browse Twitter while going into Safari, or maybe even having two social media apps open at the same time. But, it just feels clunky and not too useful, especially on a larger display like the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

In conclusion, split screen multitasking is a feature that most iPhone users have been requesting for a long time. While it may not be practical for some, it is still useful for others. With the app we shared, you can try this feature out on your iPhone and decide if it is something that you would like to have. Let us know in the comments below if you find this feature useful or not.


How do I enable split screen on iOS?
Open an app. Slide one finger up from the bottom edge of the screen until the Dock appears, then release. Touch and hold a second app in the Dock, then immediately drag it up out of the Dock. If you drag the app to the left or right edge of the screen, it appears in Split View with the current app.