How to Make a Flyer on Word Without a Template

In Word, go to the File tab and select New. Under the search bar, select Flyers. Browse through the free flyer templates Word displays until you find a design you like. Choose Create .

If you need to create a flyer quickly and don’t have a template to work with, you can still easily create one using Microsoft Word. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a flyer in Word without a template, from start to finish.

First, go to the File tab and type “flyer” in the search bar. This will bring up a list of pre-made flyers that you can use as a basis for your design. You don’t have to choose a flyer that matches your exact event, as you can always modify it later.

Once you’ve selected a flyer to work with, you can start making changes to the text, images, and background. For example, you may want to change the date, time, and location of your event. To change the background image, you can go to the Design tab and select “Page Color”. If the image is part of the header, you’ll need to edit the header by hitting Ctrl+A and then deleting the image.

If you don’t want a solid color as your background, you can choose from a variety of fill effects such as gradients, textures, patterns, or your own custom image. To do this, simply select “Fill Effects” from the Page Color dropdown menu.

With these simple steps, you can create a customized flyer in Word without the need for a template. Remember to save your work frequently and print a test copy to make sure everything looks just right. Happy designing!


How do you make a flyer step by step?
Step 1: Create concise content. ... Step 2: Choose an attractive image. ... Step 3: Craft a good call-to-action. ... Step 4: Pick the right flyer size. ... Step 5: Choose your online printing company. ... Step 6: Ensure that your flyer is press-ready.More items...
Does Microsoft Office have flyer templates?
Open up Microsoft Word. Type 'Flyers' into the search bar at the top of the page. Choose from the pre-made templates available and download the design you want.
Is Microsoft Word good for making flyers?
You can use a tool like Canva, but Microsoft Word is a solid application for making flyers. You can find plenty of templates, so you never have to start from scratch.
How do I change the template in Word flyer?
Click File >, Open.Double-click This PC. ... Browse to the Custom Office Templates folder that's under My Documents.Click your template, and click Open.Make the changes you want, then save and close the template.