How to Log Weight Lifting on Apple Watch

Incorporating technology into our daily lives has become a norm. One such device that has been a game changer for fitness enthusiasts is the Apple Watch. It does not only track your steps or monitor your heart rate, but it can also be used to log weight lifting workouts.

Peter Szpakowski, founder of Make an Impact, has been using his Apple Watch during weight training sessions, particularly focusing on the time under tension philosophy. According to scientific research, 42 seconds seems to be the optimal time frame for weight lifting, and Peter has been using his Apple Watch to help him achieve that.

To start logging your weight lifting workouts, simply go to the exercise app and select strength training. By default, the app will record your entire workout, but to get more detailed information, it’s best to customize the timer. Peter recommends setting the timer between 42-45 seconds, which is the ideal time frame for time under tension workouts.

Once you start the timer, it will begin counting down and then return to the exercise screen until your set is complete. Your watch will start vibrating once your set is complete, and you can hit ‘repeat’ to begin your next set. This gives you 45 seconds of working time and 45 seconds of resting time. Peter suggests taking one second to lift the weight, holding it for one or two counts in the flex position, and then doing the negative for about three to six seconds while returning to the bottom.

Logging your weight lifting sessions on your Apple Watch allows you to keep track of your progress and see if you’re hitting the optimal time under tension. It also raises your awareness during your workouts, making it easier to stay on track and avoid distractions.

In conclusion, the Apple Watch is an excellent tool for tracking your weight lifting workouts. By customizing the timer and incorporating the time under tension philosophy, you can guarantee that you’re hitting your targets and accomplishing more in your fitness journey.