How Does Samsung Health Know My Weight?

Samsung Health is an official health app from Samsung that can help you keep track of your fitness goals. With over 10 types of health-related options, the app offers an all-in-one solution to help you stay fit and healthy. In this article, we will cover a Samsung Health tutorial to help you better understand how it works.

The main interface of the app displays the most important data, which is your steps. Tapping on this will give you a detailed overview of your daily activity. You can change the time on the top while the device data is shown here. Below the steps, you will find the daily activity section, which combines steps, activity, and calories. As you walk or exercise, this section is filled, and the whole heart indicates that you have achieved your daily goal.

Samsung Health comes with about 100 exercise options to track. All of them are in the exercise section, and you can tap on the add workouts option to add more. To start an activity, you can touch on the button at the bottom, and the app will begin counting the time and burnt calories. When you finish a workout, you can see the detailed overview and add images and notes below.

In addition to physical exercises, Samsung Health can keep track of your food intake, sleep, weight, water intake, stress exercise, blood pressure, stress, and blood glucose. For some activities, you may need a health watch, and the app will show related options in those sections. You can manage items by adding and removing activities from the home screen to display only the items that you use.

The app is not just about exercising alone. It has a feature called “together,” which allows you to connect the app with your friends and workout together. You can also participate in global challenges and events to stay motivated and healthy. The last section is the fitness section, where you can join fitness programs, explore the mindfulness section, and keep track of your data if you are a woman.

Lastly, you can set or change your profile settings in the menu. Some options in the app may work better if your personal information is correct. The achievements screen shows your rewards and records, which can help you stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals.

Overall, Samsung Health is a great app that can help you stay healthy and fit by tracking your daily activity, food intake, sleep, and more. It is an all-in-one solution that is easy to use and can help you stay motivated and healthy.