How to Hide Photos in Google Photos with Password

Set up Locked Folder Open the Google Photos app . Go to Library Utilities. Locked Folder . Tap Set up Locked Folder. Follow the on-screen instructions to unlock your device. If your folder is empty, you'll find "Nothing here yet."

Google Photos is one of the most widely used photo storage apps in the world. However, sometimes we have sensitive photos and videos that we want to hide or protect from prying eyes. Fortunately, Google Photos is bringing an option to hide and protect specific photos and videos with a password.

Although the feature is currently available for Google Pixel phones only, support for other Android devices should come later. This feature will add an extra layer of protection to digital photos and videos. So, let’s get started and learn how to set up a lock folder.

To set up a locked folder, you will need to launch the Google Photos app. Next, tap the library button at the bottom and select the utilities option at the top of the screen. Inside utilities, you will see a new option named “lock folder.” Tap on it to get started.

On the next screen, select the setup lock folder option. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to complete setting up the lock folder properly. If you didn’t have a screen lock set up on your phone, you will be asked to set it up since it is a requirement for the locked folder. In case you have it, you are all set to go. You just need to now move the photos to the locked folder.

To add photos to a locked folder, select the photos that you wish to hide. Once selected, tap on the three dots at the top right corner. You will now get the option “move to lock folder.” To confirm this process, tap on move again. The selected items will now disappear from where they were and they’ll be moved to Google Photos library.

Using the camera app, you can lock pictures directly. Open the Pixel camera on your device and tap on the photo gallery icon at the top right corner. Here, you can select the locked folder from the overflow menu and make sure all upcoming captures are sent to the locked folder. You can now tap as many pictures as you want inside the Pixel camera app. By tapping the shutter button, all pictures will now go to the locked folder, and they would be locked from everyone’s else access.

To access the locked folders, launch the Photos app, go to the library tab, utilities, and lock folder option. Here, you can see all the pictures that you have logged earlier.

Using these simple steps, you can secure digital images and videos saved on Google Photos. Now that your photos are locked, no one can access them without your permission.


How do you hide a photo in Google Photos?
To hide pictures, you just need to select them and choose Archive to hide them. After archiving, the photos will no longer display on your album or homepage, but they remain in your Google Photos and you can view them in the Archive option.
How secure is locked folder Google Photos?
The 'Locked Folder' feature in Google Photos doesn't back up the files saved in this specific gallery to the cloud account. So if you break your smartphone or somehow lose the data on the device, you will also permanently lose the data saved in the 'Locked Folder' as well.