How to Hide Likes on Instagram: Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram has recently introduced the option to hide likes on your photos, and it has become a popular feature since then. While it’s still being rolled out, not everyone has access to it yet. However, the process to do it is really easy, and there are a couple of different ways to do it.

Before you start, make sure your Instagram is up to date. Go to your app store or play store and update your Instagram app. Then, make your way over to your own profile page.

If you want to hide the likes of a specific image, click on any image, and then click on the three lines or the three dots. If you have the option available, click on “hide likes.” This feature is not available for everyone yet.

If you want to hide the likes on all of your posts without having to click on each individual photo, click the three lines, then go to your settings page. Click on privacy, and you should see an option that says “post.” Click on it, and there should be a little option that says “hide likes from all posts.” Toggle that option on, and all the likes on your profile should be hidden.

If you want to hide the likes on a photo you’re posting, click on the post of that photo. Afterward, it will allow you to have the option to hide the likes on the next page.

In conclusion, there are a couple of different ways to hide likes on Instagram. It’s a rolling-out feature, so not everyone has it yet. However, if you have access to it, these steps will help you hide likes on your Instagram profile.