How to Get to Google Docs Trash and Recover Deleted Files

On your computer, go to On the left, click Trash . Click the file you want to restore. Tip: You can sort your trashed files by trashed date to find the oldest or newest files trashed.

In Google Docs, it’s easy to accidentally delete something important. But what if you can’t find the trash folder or recycling bin to restore it? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to find Google Docs trash and recover your deleted files.

First, open Google Drive with the same email address you use for Google Docs. You can either go directly to Google Drive or click on the Drive icon within Google Docs. Google Drive is where all your Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms are stored.

Once you’re in Google Drive, look for the Trash folder. This is where all your deleted files go. If you can’t find it, it may be because you’ve emptied the trash. In that case, your deleted files are gone forever.

If you do see the Trash folder, click on it to see all your deleted files. Find the file you want to restore and right-click on it. Then, select “Restore” to bring it back to your Google Docs.

Now, go back to Google Docs and you’ll see that your file has been restored! It’s that simple.

Remember, if you accidentally delete something important in Google Docs, don’t panic. Just follow these steps to find the Trash folder in Google Drive and restore your files.


How do I find my Trash folder?
On your Android device, open Files by Google .At the top left, tap Menu. Trash.Find the files you want to move out of Trash.At the bottom, tap Restore .On the confirmation dialog, tap Restore.
How do you get to the bin in docs?
With the Google Docs app open, tap the menu at the top left.Choose Trash. ... Whether you're deleting the file for good or pulling it out of the trash, use the small menu button next to the document to select Delete forever or Restore.
How do I recover Google Docs from Trash after 30 days?
Sign in to your Google Admin console. ... In the Admin console, go to Menu Directory. ... Find the user who needs their Drive data restored.Point to the user and click More options. ... Select the date range for the data that you want to restore. ... Under Application, click the Down arrow. ... Click Restore.
How do I recover deleted text in Google Docs?
Recently deleted files go to the Trash/Bin folder in your Google Drive and from here you can restore them within 30 days. Simply right click on the file you want to recover and click Restore.