How to Fix Steam Cloud Error

How to Fix a Steam Cloud Error Retry Cloud Sync in Steam. Resolve Steam Cloud Sync Issues by Force Closing and Reopening the App. On Windows. On macOS. Run Steam as Administrator. Check if Steam Is Down. Turn On Cloud Sync in Your Steam Client. Check Your Game Files' Integrity. More items... •

Are you encountering a cloud error on Steam? In this post, we’ll show you how to fix this issue quickly.

First, we recommend that you try restarting Steam and then running it as an administrator. After that, log in to Steam as usual and click on Steam in the top left corner. Then, click on Settings and change over to Cloud. Here, make sure to enable Steam Cloud synchronization for applications that support it. Once you’ve checked this setting, click on OK and minimize the window.

Next, accept Steam from your firewall. Open your Windows search and type in “settings” before opening the app. Then, change over to Privacy and Security and click on Windows Security Firewall and Network Protection. Click on Allow an app through firewall and then on the top right corner, click on Change Settings (you’ll need administrator rights to do this).

Click on Allow Another App and find your Steam folder in your local files. Select the file and click on Open. Click on Add and then search for Steam from the list of exceptions. Make sure to check all of the buttons for both private and public networks to ensure your safety. When you’ve done this, click on OK and close the window.

That’s all there is to it! We hope this guide has helped you fix the Steam Cloud Error. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


How do I get rid of Steam cloud error?
Close Steam on Other Devices. ... Restart the Steam Client. ... Run Steam as an Administrator. ... Let Steam Load the Synchronized Data Properly. ... Check If Steam Is Down. ... Rule Out Any Internet Issues. ... Ensure Cloud Synchronization Is Enabled in Steam. ... Eliminate Any Game-Specific Issues.More items...•
How do I fix Steam cloud unable to sync?
Open Steam >, Settings >, Cloud >, Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for apps that support it. Then click OK and restart Steam. Steam should synchronize, and you can try to play the game again.