How to Fix Sound Delay on Projector: Two Methods to Try

Have you ever experienced out-of-sync audio on your TV after connecting a soundbar? The speaker’s sound seems to lag behind the lips’ movement in the video, making it uncomfortable to watch. This problem is widespread and can occur regardless of the TV and soundbar brands. However, you can fix it with two different methods.

The first method involves changing a setting on your TV, while the second method requires you to adjust a setting on your soundbar. The second method is preferable since it works for all soundbars, but the first method is still worth trying.

In general, the delay occurs when the TV tries to decode the sound format, such as Dolby, Digital, or DTS. By the time it completes the decoding, the video is still playing, leading to a few milliseconds’ delay. This delay is common when connecting the soundbar to the TV using an optical cable or HDMI.

To fix the delay, you need to change the Digital Audio Output setting on your TV. Press the Home button on your remote control, go to the settings, and select sound settings. Then find Digital Audio Output and ensure that PCM, not Auto, is selected. After making this change, check that your audio and video are in sync.

Next, ensure that your soundbar’s cable is properly connected to the TV Arc on both your soundbar and TV. On your remote control, select the source and ensure that TV Arc is selected. To fix the delay, touch the Sound Control setting on your controller. If you keep pressing the Sound Control option, you will reach a setting called Audio Sync, where you can adjust the delay.

The default delay setting is 300 milliseconds, which is too high. Reduce the delay by pressing the appropriate button until your audio and video are synced. Depending on your case, you may need to reduce or increase the delay setting. Keep changing the delay until you achieve the desired results.

In conclusion, you can fix the sound delay problem on your projector by following the above two methods. Try both methods and let us know in the comments which one works for you and what brands of TV and soundbar you have.