How to Use a Projector Outside: Create Your Own Outdoor Cinema

Creating your own outdoor cinema is easier than you think and won’t cost you a fortune. In this post, we’ll show you how to use a projector outside with things you might already have.

A few weeks ago, I unboxed my brand-new Optima HD 143 X projector. It’s an excellent projector, but it left me with a dilemma. What should I do with my old one, the HD 600? Since it’s still a great projector with 2,000 hours of bulb life left, I decided to create an outdoor cinema project.

To set up your outdoor cinema, you’ll need an external cable reel, HDMI cables, power leads, and an external sound device. Projectors typically have poor sound quality, so it’s crucial to have a sound device. You’ll also need a surface to project your movie on. You can use a garage door, brick wall, or even a sheet stretched out against a washing line.

To set up your cinema, begin by finding a suitable surface during the day. This way, you can connect all the wires, get it ready, and set up the screen position. The screen surface should be close enough to pick up wireless from your internet.

Once you’ve set up your cinema, it’s time to enjoy. As it gets darker, the screen will come into its own. You can add twinkly lights in the background to enhance the experience.

During the course of the setup, take pictures to document the process. You can use these pictures to show others how well this projected. The experience is thoroughly enjoyable and perfect for a kid’s birthday party or any other event.

Creating your outdoor cinema takes only three components: a sound bar, an input device, and a projector. It’s that simple. You can also use other cheap projectors that create the same effect. Please share them with us by leaving a comment below.

In conclusion, setting up your outdoor cinema is easy and fun. It’s an excellent way to spend time with friends and family and enjoy the experience.