How to Fix a Network Change Was Detected Error

How To Fix the 'A Network Change Was Detected' Error Reload the page. Click the circular button at the top of the Chrome window to reload the page. ... Restart Google Chrome. ... Restart the computer. ... Delete unwanted networks. ... Reboot the modem and router. ... Perform a Windows update. ... Update Google Chrome. ... Clear browsing data. More items... •

Have you ever encountered an interruption while browsing and saw the error message “Your connection was interrupted and network change was detected”? If so, don’t worry. There are ways to fix this issue.

The first solution is to go to the Network and Sharing Center and click on “Change adapter settings.” Here, you will see a list of adapters such as Bluetooth, Local Area Connection, and Wireless Network Connection. Disable all the adapters except for the one you are currently using. For example, if you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, disable Bluetooth and Local Area Connection and keep only the wireless network connection active.

If this solution doesn’t work, the next step is to go to the Command Prompt and run as an administrator. You will need to release and renew your IP address, flush the DNS, reset Windows Socket, and TCP/IP. Here are the commands you will need to run:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

netsh winsock reset

netsh int ip reset

Once you’ve run all the commands, restart your computer to complete the action.

In conclusion, if you encounter the “Your connection was interrupted and network change was detected” error message, you can try disabling all adapters except the one you’re using, or release and renew your IP address, flush the DNS, reset Windows Socket, and TCP/IP. These solutions should help fix the issue.

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Why do I keep seeing a network change was detected?
It appears when there's a problem with your network connection that prevents you from browsing the web. That problem might also prevent you from using other applications that connect to the internet. In almost all cases, the “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” error appears because of a problem with your IP address.
What does it mean when there is a network change?
A network change is when a television series moves from one network to another. Generally this term only refers to original episodes of a series, repeats of a long-running series will usually be picked up by other channels in syndication, often before the series ends production.
Why do I keep getting the message your connection was interrupted?
Since the error refers to an inconsistent internet connection, you can start by restarting your Wi-Fi router. It only takes a few minutes and help re-establish your internet connection to fix any minor connection issues.
Why is my network interrupted?
If you're too far from your router, your internet may cut in and out as Wi-Fi signals struggle to reach your device. Obstructions between your device and router may also cause intermittent disconnections. Pay attention to your device's Wi-Fi signal meter to see where your Wi-Fi signal gets weak and disconnects.