How to Access Network Drive from Outside Network

If you have set up your NAS and linked it with your laptop, everything works just fine while you’re at home. However, when you go to work with your laptop, you suddenly can’t access your data because you are not in your local network anymore. The question is, how do you access your NAS, which is mapped to your laptop remotely when you’re away at work?

There are two ways to do that. One option is to use WebDAV server, which tricks your system that it’s a physical drive. To set this up, you will need to go to Package Center, download the app on your Synology WebDAV server, and download a client option application, like Right Drive, on your laptop or computer. You will then have a folder on your Mac or Windows, and you can move files around and play with them like you would normally.

However, this setup is fairly complicated. A better option is to install Synology Drive Server on your NAS and the Synology Drive application on your Windows, phone, or tablet. This app synchronizes a certain folder like Dropbox, and you can select which folder is not synchronized inside the main folder. You can also use this app for backing up, and you can say which files to backup and which ones to ignore.

You can keep all those files and Synology will search those files on your computer and access them as you need them. You will also have version control, and you can browse previous versions whenever you did some edits or someone else deleted some paragraphs.

The Synology Drive app not only provides simple sync and backup, but it also has a space-saving mode, version control, and mobile access to your files. You can access your files wherever you are, either on your mobile phone, tablet, PC, or even a web browser.

If you have any other questions, you can always go to NAS Compares, fill the form, and send an email to Info@nascompares. They can help you and others.