How to Find a Music Video: Tips and Tricks

How to Find a Music Video by Describing It: 17 Song ID Tricks 1 If you remember any lyrics, search for them. 2 Describe the video in a Google search. 3 If you've watched the video on YouTube, check your history. 4 Hum or sing it to SoundHound. 5 Try Midomi as another song-humming option. More items... •

YouTube has become a hub for all things music-related, from video essays to low-fi radio mixes. However, with so many unlabeled music videos, it can be challenging to find the song and artist you’re looking for. Whether you’re watching a video with music in the background or listening to an hour-long mix, identifying songs from a YouTube video can be tough. But, it’s not impossible. We’ve got some tips on how to find a music video.

The easiest way to find a music video is to check the video description. Most major YouTubers will link to the music they’ve used in their video descriptions, including credits for the music creator. However, if you aren’t seeing anything in the video description, your next best bet is to check the comments section. If the video is popular enough, someone has likely asked about the song in the video, and you might even find a full tracklist with time codes.

If the song has lyrics, you can turn to any number of lyrics websites to search for the name of the song. Alternatively, you can enter the lyrics you can remember from the song into Google, which should return a result with the name of the song you’re looking for. However, this method only works if the song you’re searching for has lyrics. If you’re searching for an instrumental, you may be out of luck with this step.

For popular songs, you can use a song-finding app to identify the song playing in the background of a video. However, this won’t work with indie SoundCloud releases. If someone is speaking over the song, try to find an instrumental section of the video to get your clip.

Finally, sites like audio tag info let you import links directly from YouTube to help find the song information from your video. Just copy the link and paste it into audio tag info’s URL bar, and the site should take care of the rest.

In conclusion, finding a music video on YouTube can be challenging, but with these tips and tricks, it doesn’t have to be impossible. Start with the video description or comments section, try searching for the lyrics, use a song-finding app for popular songs, and use sites like audio tag info for help. Happy searching!


How do you find a song if you only remember the video?
Use a song recognition app such as Shazam or SoundHound.Google the lyrics of the song.Use a digital assistant like Siri or Alexa.Search the video description or read the comments of the video.
How do you find a song you don't know the name of?
Shazam. Shazam is a popular song-identifier app that works on most smartphones and even has an extension for web browsers. ... SoundHound. ... MusixMatch. ... Genius. ... Google Assistant. ... Siri &, Alexa.
How do I find someone for a music video?
Ask Local Photographers For Recommendations The Instagram community of music photographers is very strong and everyone seems to know each other. Asking people for recommendations is also good because it builds a stronger sense of community – other photographers will appreciate the recommendation and return the favor.
Where can I find old music videos?
Internet Archive is known for its archive of all sorts of internet content, and the Music Video Bin is one example of its music video collection. Videos span from the mid-1900s to the present year.