How to Find 3D Movies on Vudu: Updates and Frustrations

Follow these steps to browse and watch 3D movies on Vudu. First, go to the Vudu main page and set up your account. ... Select Movies. Select Filters. Select 3D under Features. Choose any title or preview with the "3D" label.

Vudu has been a great platform for streaming movies in 3D. However, the frustration starts when it comes to device compatibility. In this year’s season premiere, the host talked about Vudu 3D and the frustrations about device compatibility. Vudu 3D used to stream on everything, but recently, they chose to block it. They blocked even the devices that can play 3D content, making it impossible to view the movies.

However, some devices still work with Vudu 3D. For instance, the Red Hydrogen One, which is essentially a normal Android phone, can play Vudu 3D. It works perfectly fine, and you can play it in HDX. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to view it in 3D on the Red Hydrogen One or cast it to your screen.

One way to get around the restriction is to see if there are any USB-C to HDMI converters out there that work with the Red Hydrogen One. That way, you can output the movie to your 3D TV or projector. Additionally, several sources online confirm that Apple TV can play 3D content. So, if you have an Apple TV, you should be good to go for Vudu 3D.

However, it’s worth noting that not all Vudu 3D is half-width side by side. Some are half-height over-under format, which is the opposite but the same resolution cut in half. It’s more ideal for passive 3D TVs.

If you encounter a restriction, there’s a loophole you can use. If you start playing a 3D title on your phone and then exit, it saves what your last been watching as a resume title. So, while the browser on a computer will also block 3D content, it will resume a 3D title that you were in the middle of playing.

It’s frustrating that Vudu went to this trouble to restrict the playback of their movies. It was unrestricted before, but now, it’s a pointless restriction. If you want to watch 3D movies on Vudu, you need to have the right device. It’s crazy how they make us play these games when they could do the simple right thing.

In conclusion, if you have a Red Hydrogen One or an Apple TV, you can watch Vudu 3D content. However, if you want to watch it on other devices, you may need a converter. If you encounter a restriction, use the loophole mentioned above to resume watching a 3D title.


How many 3D movies does Vudu have?
In addition to the 100-plus titles available on Vudu in 3D, the service additionally offers more than 200,000 titles to rent or buy to stream on other devices, as well as thousands of ad-supported titles.
Which streaming service has 3D movies?
Netflix's 3D movies are compatible with most 3D devices, making it easier for viewers to experience the thrills of 3D without leaving their homes. Vudu is a Walmart-owned movie streaming platform that boasts an extensive library of 3D movies.
What devices are Vudu 3D streaming?
A Vudu app can be found on 3D Samsung and LG smart TVs and Blu-ray disc players, and on Smart TVs and home theater components from other makers. For more info, you can check the VUDU's device page.