How Do Unlocked Phones Get Updates?

If you have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy phone, there is a cool trick that you can do to get the latest update even before it is released. You will need two different carriers to do this. Greg Iles shows this trick using two Galaxy phones – the S20 Ultra and S20.

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Now on to the trick. Greg explains that the S20, which is on a Verizon prepaid carrier, has already received the latest update, while the AT&T unlocked variant has not. To get the latest update on the AT&T phone, he switches the SIM card from the AT&T phone to the Verizon phone, which has already received the update.

Once he inserts the Verizon SIM card into the AT&T phone, it will restart to configure features supported by the new SIM card. Then, he checks for the update, and it automatically downloads the latest update. After the update is done, he switches back to the original SIM card, and everything still works fine.

The trick works only with unlocked versions of the phones and not with carrier editions. You need to grab a SIM card from another carrier that has already received the update, and the other unlocked phones haven’t received it. That’s pretty much it, and you can have the latest update on your unlocked phone.

In conclusion, if you have a friend or another phone that is on a different carrier and has already received the update, this is a way to do it. Thanks for reading, and we hope this helped you to get the latest update on your unlocked phone.