How to Edit Business Card in Outlook: Tips and Tricks

An electronic business card is an essential tool for any professional. It provides an easy way to share your contact information with others and make a great impression. However, did you know that you can customize your electronic business card in Microsoft Outlook? In this article, we will show you how to edit the look and feel of an electronic business card in a number of ways.


Outlook provides a default image for electronic business cards. To use this image, open the Edit business card dialog box and select an option from the layout list. You can place it on the right, left, top, bottom, or make it your background image. If you want to use another image, click Change, locate the picture you want to use, and insert it. Use the options in the layout list and the image align list. Also, if the image is too big, you can make it smaller by changing the value in the image area box.

Background Color

To change a background color, click background, and then select a color. However, you can see that the text doesn’t stand out against a new background very well. So, select the full name field, click the font color button, apply a different color, and repeat. You can also change the font size and make your text bold, italic, or underlined. But remember that simple designs tend to work best.

Empty Space

Cards may be easier to read if they have some whitespace between elements. So, click one of the blank line fields and move it up. You can try a second one and see what you like.


Finally, if you want to use a business card template, go to the Office website, and select the template you want to use. Click download and save the template to a convenient place. For example, you can save it to your Documents folder. Once you save it, it opens as a new contact. Replace the fake data with your own and edit the card if you need to. If you make a mistake and you can’t remember what you did, you can click reset card. Just remember that undoes all your changes. Once you’re done, click Save and close.

In conclusion, customizing an electronic business card in Outlook is easy and can make your card more professional and eye-catching. By following these tips and tricks, you can create a business card that stands out from the rest.