How to Edit Live Photo in iPhone: Tips and Tricks

The Live Photos feature in iPhone is a great way to capture a moment in time with movement and sound. It can really save you sometimes, especially when you want to take a photo of a group of people and someone blinks or looks away. With Live Photos, you have the option to scrub through and find the perfect frame. However, the Live Photos feature is not just limited to that. You can also apply effects like bounce, loop, or long exposure to your Live Photos.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to make sure the Live Photos feature is turned on and how to edit your Live Photos to make them more interesting.

Step 1: Turn on Live Photos

To turn on Live Photos, open the camera app and make sure that you’re on the photo tab at the bottom. You can turn on Live Photos by tapping the icon at the top or by swiping up on the modes and turning it on. Now that we have it turned on, we can take a picture.

Step 2: Editing Live Photos

Once you’ve taken a Live Photo, head into Photos and find and open the Live Photo that you want to edit. You’ll know it’s a Live Photo when it says it here.

Next, let’s look at the available effects. Tap Live at the top and you’ll get a drop-down list of the different effects that you can use. You have the options of loop, which loops the live photo frames taken, bounce, which bounces back and forth, and finally, long exposure, which gives a motion blur to anything that moves while you’re taking the photo.

A cool tip here is to try using the long exposure on something like a car driving by at night or a river with water rapids.

Now let’s look at editing which frame appears as default. Start by tapping Edit on the top. Next, at the bottom, hit the Live Photo icon. You’ll then see a timeline of all the frames taken on that photo. Scroll through until you find a new frame that you like and then hit Make Key Photo. It’ll then change the default view of that photo when you’re looking through your pictures. When you’re finished, hit Done.

If you ever want to change it back, you can just head into the edit screen, change the frame back to the original or hit revert, and then revert to the original.

And that’s how you edit the Live Photos that you’ve taken on your iPhone or iPad. With these tips and tricks, you can make your Live Photos more interesting and unique.