How to Download Free Games on DSi

Are you tired of carrying around multiple game cartridges for your Nintendo DSi? If so, we have a solution to help you load and play all of your favorite games on one SD card. In this article, we will teach you how to use your modded DSi or DSi XL to dump your game cartridges directly to the SD card.

First, you will need to download GodMode9i, which is equivalent to GodMode9 on the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS. You can find the download link in the description below. Once you have downloaded the file, extract the GodMode9i.7z file using any extraction software that supports the 7z format. Next, drag and drop the file with the extension .dsi directly onto the root of the SD card.

Insert the SD card into your Nintendo DSi and power it on. If you have properly modded your DSi previously, it should boot to the TWiLight Menu ++ interface. If not, you can find a link in the description for how to get this done. Once TWiLight Menu ++ appears, select GodMode9i from the list of menu choices and launch it.

From the list of menu choices, use the D-pad to scroll down to NDS GAMECARD and select it to continue. Select all with the A button to copy the game from the cartridge to the SD card. Once the copy process is complete, power off your Nintendo DSi and remove the cartridge from the game slot.

To launch the game, select it with the A button. This method is ideal for the games that you have dumped from your cartridges to your SD card. But what about games you have already downloaded?

To move the ROM file, double click into the folder titled gm9i and navigate to the saves folder, the ROM file and .nds Format you dumped, a SAV file, and a TXT file with some basic information about the game that you dumped. Cut or copy the file, then navigate back to the root of the SD card in File Explorer. If you have set up your DSi jailbreak through the video mentioned in the original subtitles, you should already have a roms folder on the root of your SD card. If not, create one.

Double click into the roms folder and navigate to the folder titled nds. This is where the ROM should live, regardless of whether you dumped the game to the SD card or downloaded the file from the internet.

Now that you know how to download free games on DSi, you can enjoy all of your favorite games without the hassle of carrying multiple cartridges.