How to Disable S Mode on Your Windows 11 PC

Switching out of S mode in Windows On your PC running Windows 11 in S mode, open Settings >, System >, Activation. In the Switch to Windows 11 Pro section, select Go to the Store. ... On the Switch out of S mode (or similar) page that appears in the Microsoft Store, select the Get button.

If you have a Windows 11 PC or laptop, you may have noticed that it comes with S mode. S mode can be frustrating as it limits what you can install on your computer. However, there is a simple way to disable S mode and unlock the full potential of your device.

Before you begin, keep in mind that if you got your laptop from your company, college or you’re not the administrator, you may not be able to disable S mode. But if it’s your own laptop, then it’s effortless to do this.

To disable S mode, first, open your settings application. You can do this by typing “settings” in the search bar, or by clicking on the Start menu and then clicking on the gear icon.

Once you’re in the settings, you need to click on “Activation” under the “System” tab. Here, you’ll see an option to “Switch out of S mode.” Click on this option, and it will open the Microsoft store.

In the Microsoft store, click on “Get” under “Switch out of S mode,” and it will allow you to download and install apps from outside the Microsoft store. Keep in mind that once you make this change, it is permanent.

After clicking “Get,” you may need to wait a moment or two for the switch to occur. You will need to log in with your Microsoft account and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once complete, you will have successfully disabled S mode on your Windows 11 PC and can now install any app you need.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to leave a comment below.


How do you turn off S mode in Windows 10?
Switching out of S mode in Windows 10: On your PC running Windows 10 in S mode, open Settings >, Update &, Security >, Activation. Find the Switch to Windows 10 Home or Switch to Windows 10 Pro section, then select the Go to the Store link. Note: Don't select the link under Upgrade your edition of Windows.
Is it OK to turn off S mode?
S mode was geared toward people who don't need to use software not in the Microsoft store. Turning off S mode doesn't have a downside if you need to use that software. Apps like Defender will continue to run just fine. So will any program you was installed from the Microsoft store while in S mode.
Should I turn off S mode in Windows 11?
To increase security and performance, Windows 11 in S mode runs only apps from the Microsoft Store. If you want to install an app that isn't available in the Microsoft Store, you'll need to permanently switch out of S mode.
How to disable S mode in Windows 11 without Microsoft account?
To turn off S Mode, go to Settings >, System >, Activation. Under "Switch to Windows 11 Pro," click Go to the Store, then click "Get." If you don't have a Microsoft Account, you'll need to make a change to the registry, which you can access in recovery mode.