How to Disable Charms Bar and Edge Swipes in Windows 8.1

If you’re updated to Windows 8.1, chances are you’re familiar with the corners and edge swipes as well as the charms bar. However, some people find these features annoying and prefer to disable them. In this post, we’ll walk you through how to disable the charms bar and edge swipes on your device.

To get started, go to the Metro screen, and start typing the word “settings”. When you see “PC settings” appear, go ahead and click on that. Once you’re in PC settings, click on “PC and devices” and then select “corners and edges”. This will allow you to disable the app switching as well as the corner navigation.

The most annoying feature for many people is the charms bar. To disable it, go to the option that says “when I point to the upper right corner, show the charms bar” and disable it. Once you’ve done this, the charms bar will no longer appear when you scroll to the top right corner of your device.

Another annoying feature is the multitask feature, which allows you to switch between different applications. To disable this, swipe the option off.

Unfortunately, even with these features disabled, the charms bar still appears when you scroll to the bottom right corner of your device. This is a disappointment for many users who were hoping for a complete disable option.

If you want to bring back the charms bar, all you have to do is go back into the same PC settings and enable it again. There are also other features available in corners and edges that you can play around with if you’re interested.

In summary, disabling the charms bar and edge swipes is easy in Windows 8.1. Although there are limitations to the disable option, it still makes for a much smoother user experience. We hope you found this post helpful!