How to Create an Avatar for Zoom

Zoom has recently introduced a new feature that allows users to create animal avatars to use in their meetings. This feature has made meetings more interesting and fun. In this blog post, we will explain how to create an avatar for Zoom.

The first step is to ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of Zoom, which is version 5.10. To do this, sign into the Zoom desktop app, click your profile picture, and select “check for updates.” If you do not see the “check for updates” option, you are probably using a school or company-managed Zoom account. In that case, you will need to contact your IT department for the latest update.

Once you have downloaded the latest version, you can start creating your animal avatar. To do this, start your meeting and click the down arrow next to your camera settings. Select “Choose video filter.” From here, choose the “avatars” option. You can choose from a variety of animal characters wearing either a hoodie or a crew neck shirt.

It’s important to note that at this point, you can only select animal avatars and not human avatars. However, this may change in the future. Once you have found an animal avatar that you like, just close the window, and you should be all set. Each of the avatars will mimic your facial expressions, head, and body movements, but the arms on your avatar will just kind of hang there.

It’s also important to note that sometimes there is a little delay when you switch from one avatar to another. However, this is nothing to worry about as it eventually kicks in after a few seconds. To turn off your avatar, just click the arrow again and select “turn off avatar.”

In conclusion, the option to create animal avatars on Zoom has made video conferencing more fun and engaging. Creating an avatar is easy, and with the steps we’ve outlined above, you can create your animal avatar in no time. So, go ahead and have fun using this brand new feature called Zoom avatars available in the latest update, version 5.10.