How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting for Someone Else

Running a Zoom meeting can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. But what if you need someone else to run the meeting for you? This is where the host key comes in handy.

First, log in to your Zoom account at Click on “My Account” on the left-hand side, and then scroll down to “Host Key.” Here, you’ll see a six-digit number that’s unique to your account. If you need to change it, you can do so by clicking on “Edit.”

If you want someone else to run the meeting temporarily, you can share your host key with them. They can then use it to start the meeting on your behalf. To do this, they’ll need to join the meeting using the ID number (which you’ll provide) and then enter the host key when prompted.

Once the other person has entered the host key, they’ll become the host of the meeting. You can still participate in the meeting as a co-host, but they will have control over the meeting settings. If you need to take back control, you can simply enter the host key again to become the host.

If you’re ever running late for a meeting, you can have a friend start the meeting for you using your host key. This can be a lifesaver if you’re in a hurry!

In conclusion, setting up a Zoom meeting for someone else is easy when you know how to use the host key. So next time you need someone to run the meeting for you, share your host key and let them take the reins.