How to Check Your Laptop’s Wi-Fi Version

Making sure that your laptop is connected to your wireless network is vital in today’s world of remote work and virtual communication. But how do you know if you’re running on the right mode and if your computer is Wi-Fi six compatible?

Follow these simple steps to check your laptop’s Wi-Fi version:

1. Open the Control Panel on your Windows PC by searching for it in the Windows search bar.

2. Click on Network and Sharing Center and then select Change Adapter Settings.

3. Identify your wireless adapter by name. Most laptops will display that they are Wi-Fi six AX compatible, but to make sure you’re running on the right mode, right-click your adapter and go to Properties.

4. Click Configure and then Advanced. From there, make sure that the value is set to 802.11 ax. If it’s set to something else, your computer will not connect to the Wi-Fi six network.

5. Alternatively, you can go to Command Prompt and type in “ipconfig.” Find the gateway IP of your router and open up your browser. Under the advanced settings for wireless settings, you will see that your 5G network is running on wireless 802.11 ax mixed. Confirm that this is the case to know that you are connected to Wi-Fi six.

6. Finally, double click your adapter and determine the speed you get. If it’s less than what you see, it might not be connected to wireless six. Keep in mind that it all depends on the model of the computer that you have that may be compatible with Wi-Fi six.

By following these steps, you can determine whether your computer is Wi-Fi six capable or not. Checking your Wi-Fi version is crucial for ensuring you’re getting the most out of your wireless network.