How to Check When You Got Your iPhone

Do you ever forget when you bought your iPhone? Or are you planning to buy a used one and want to know when it was purchased? Checking the date of purchase of your Apple device can be very useful, and there are two ways to do it.

First, let’s talk about newer iPhones that are still covered by warranty. To check the date of purchase for these devices, go to Settings > General > About. Scroll down until you see the Limited Warranty option and click it to see more information. You should see that your device is covered by the limited warranty, which is valid for 12 months or one year from the date of purchase. To find out the purchase date, just go back one year.

However, if you are buying a device that is older than one year or not covered by warranty, you will need to take a different route. The official Apple way to check the date of purchase is to sign in with your Apple ID on the device and go to the My Support website. Once logged in, you should see all of your Apple devices linked to that Apple ID. Select the device you want to check, and you should be able to see the name, serial number, and purchase date.

Another website you can use is Type in the serial number of the device to see if it has a valid purchase date. This way, you can ensure that the device is legitimate and has not been stolen.

While there are other online services that claim to help you check the purchase date, they are often unreliable and may require payment. It is best to stick with the official Apple methods.

When buying a used device, make sure you are dealing with trusted people and that you do not see anything sketchy in their behavior. You should always get the overall picture of the device’s condition before purchasing.

In conclusion, checking the date of purchase of your iPhone or any other Apple device can be helpful in many situations. By following the official Apple methods, you can ensure that the device is legitimate and has not been stolen.