How to Charge Your Laptop on a Plane

DC Power (Cigarette Power) – This is the type of power port that you'll find in most cars. On airplanes, this plug typically has 15V DC power at up to 75 watts per outlet. If you want to plug in your laptop, you'll need an adapter (sometimes called an air/ auto adapter) .

When traveling on a long-haul international flight, being able to charge your laptop is crucial, especially if you need to work on it during the flight. However, not all airplanes support high-powered laptops, and the wattage of the airplane’s charging port can differ from economy to business class.

Before we dive into how to charge your laptop on a plane, it’s essential to note that older airplanes support up to 60 watts, while newer ones can support up to 100 watts or more. So, if you have a standard laptop charger that comes with your laptop, it’s crucial to check the wattage.

Suppose your laptop charger is more than 60 watts; you’re going to need something else. Most newer laptops can be powered using USB Type-C, so you can consider carrying a 60-watt USB Type-C charger, which is smaller and lighter than your regular charger.

The good news is that you can still charge your laptop on an airplane with a 60-watt charger. It may not charge as fast or as much as a 100-watt charger, but it will keep your laptop running. In fact, you can work on your laptop while it’s charging, which is a great solution for those who need to work on the plane.

It’s always a good idea to carry two chargers – your regular charger and a 60-watt charger as a backup. This is because some airplanes may not support 60 watts, or the passenger next to you might be using a laptop, which limits the power supply.

One great 60-watt USB Type-C charger to consider is the Archy 60-watt charger. It’s lightweight and can also be used to charge your phone quickly. So, if you have a high-powered laptop and plan to work on the plane, consider carrying a 60-watt charger as a backup.

In conclusion, charging your laptop on a plane is possible, but it’s crucial to check the wattage of your laptop charger and consider carrying a 60-watt USB Type-C charger as a backup. This will ensure that you can work on your laptop during a long-haul international flight without any interruptions.


Where can I charge my laptop on a plane?
Some planes offer in-seat power that works with a standard AC power adapter, such as how a laptop plugs into the wall at home. For these types of aircraft, bring along the standard power brick you use with a wall outlet. You can get one on Amazon if yours is missing or broken.
How can I charge my laptop while traveling?
You can use a car inverter along with your laptop charger to power up your laptop. A Type-C laptop charging USB cord can also help to recharge your laptop. A power bank is also effective in charging your laptop in a car. You can even use an adaptor to charge your laptop.
Are there USB ports on airplanes?
The popular low-cost carrier have debuted seat-back USB charging ports on their 737 MAX aircraft. The charging ports are both the USB A and USB C, to provide power for a variety of technology and devices. The onboard updates were announced in May 2022, along with the news of enhanced WiFi and larger overhead bins.
Where do you put your charger on a plane?
You can take all plug-in phone chargers with you in your carry-on or checked bags with ease as they do not contain any form of battery and, therefore, do not present any danger.