How Much Does It Cost to Charge an iPhone?

Have you ever thought about how much money you actually spend on electricity to charge your iPhone? It might not be something that crosses your mind often, but the cost can certainly add up over time. In this post, we’ll take a look at how much it really costs to charge your iPhone.

Joe, the creator of this video, wondered the same thing. He used a smart appliance called Eve Energy to monitor the amount of electricity his iPhone used while charging. The appliance is a switch and power meter that can be plugged into a power outlet. It not only allows you to monitor how much electricity is being used but also control your appliances, turn them on and off, and add them to your home application.

After charging his phone from 1% to 100% using a quick charge charger, Joe found that based on the previous charging cycle, it would cost him $7 per year if he charged his phone the same amount every day for one year. To put it into perspective, that’s only $0.58 per month or $0.02 per day.

These results might surprise you, as they did Joe. He honestly thought it would be a lot more. But the truth is, the amount of power your iPhone uses while charging is relatively low. According to Joe’s Eve Energy switch in power meter, iPhone charging can be summed up in a cost of seven dollars per year.

So, if you were ever curious about how much it costs to charge an iPhone, the answer is not as much as you might think. It’s a relatively small cost compared to the price of the phone itself.