How to Change Themes in PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations are a great way to share information with others in a clear and engaging way. One way to make your presentations stand out is by changing the theme and variant of your slides. In this post, we will show you step-by-step how to change the theme and variant of your PowerPoint presentation.

First, open your PowerPoint presentation and look for the Design tab on the ribbon. The ribbon is the large piece that goes across the top of the screen. Click on the Design tab and you will see two main groups of tools or features: the themes group on the left and the variants group on the right.

The current theme you are using will be displayed on the left-hand side of the Themes group. Hover your mouse over it to see the name of the theme you are currently using in your slideshow. If you want to keep the style of the current theme but want to change the color variant of it, you can find different color scheme looks that work with your current theme in the Variants group on the right.

Click on the More button in the Variants group to view more of the gallery. You will see various colors and color combinations that you can test out just by hovering over each one. Once you have found the variant you like, click on it. You will notice that it changes all of the slides and the design ideas pane becomes displayed on the right-hand side. You can use this pane to see suggestions of what you might do with this theme, but you can also close it by clicking the X in the corner.

If you want to change your entire theme, click on one of the themes in the gallery and test them out by hovering your mouse over each one. Click on the More button to view more possible choices in the gallery of themes. Once you have found a theme you like, click on it. You will see that a picture is layered on top of the theme. You can get rid of it or do something different with it, but make sure that your title is not hidden and can be clearly read from the back of the room.

When you are done, don’t forget to save your work by clicking the Save button. If you have any questions about themes or variants, please let us know. Otherwise, you can find lots of information about this in your PowerPoint textbook. With these easy steps, you can make your PowerPoint presentation stand out and engage your audience.