How to Calibrate Your Projector: Tips from Audio Advice CEO

Choose your display, select Advanced Settings, and then select Calibrate . Follow the on-screen prompts, when the calibration screen appears, use the pen to press the targets until the progress bar is complete and you see the Calibration Successful message.

As the CEO of Audio Advice, Scott Noonan has plenty of experience with home theaters. In a recent video, he shared his tips for calibrating your television or projector, specifically when it comes to brightness and contrast.

First, Noonan recommends choosing a preset picture format based on the brand of your television or projector. Most top brands are calibrated well, so choosing a preset like cinema, natural, filmmaker, or reference will likely give you the best combination of contrast and colors. However, if your room has a lot of ambient light, you may need to choose a brighter preset and sacrifice some picture quality.

If you want to take things one step further, or if you have an older television or projector, Noonan suggests tweaking your brightness and contrast to get the best possible picture. He recommends taking a picture of your settings before changing them, so you can revert back later if you want.

To calibrate your black level, Noonan suggests turning off the lights in the room and using a black test pattern. Adjust the brightness level until you only see solid black from column 16 to the left, and the different levels to the right of 16 are visible. This adjustment sets the entire brightness of the image so that you have it as bright as possible while still matching the darkest black from your content.

For contrast, Noonan recommends setting your peak white level as high as possible without washing out detail in the brighter parts of the image. If you’re watching content and the whites appear washed out, bring the contrast down a little.

Overall, calibrating your projector takes some time and effort, but it’s worth it to get the best possible picture. Be sure to check out Audio Advice’s other videos for more tips on improving your home theater experience.


Do projectors need to be calibrated?
The 10-minute calibration It's important to change the picture parameters for each source of video (a film will need a different look to broadcast TV, or hi-def sports). If you're lucky, your projector will have some calibration test patterns built-in, or perhaps a set-up wizard.
How do I get the best picture on my projector?
Adjust the projector focus.Check the lens for dust or condensation.Change the positioning of the projector relative to the screen.Adjust the keystone correction.Change the sharpness and/or resolution.
What is projector calibration?
Calibration sets up the connection between your computer and the interactive pen so that you can control or interact with the image being projected from the computer. This simple process ensures that your computer can accurately detect the position of the pen on the projection surface.