How to Add Spotify to Apple Watch Face

If you’re a Spotify user and an Apple Watch owner, you might be wondering how to use Spotify on your watch. The good news is that Spotify now has a full-featured Apple Watch app that not only allows you to operate it independently from your iPhone but also lets you control many different devices playing Spotify content.

First, you need to have Spotify installed on your iPhone. Once it’s set up, the app should be available on your Apple Watch. You can launch the app from your app list, but it also has many different complications available. It’s recommended to put a Spotify complication on your Apple Watch face for convenience.

The free version of Spotify still requires your iPhone to be in Bluetooth range. However, if you have Spotify Premium, you can listen directly from your Apple Watch and even listen offline without your iPhone and Bluetooth range. With Spotify Premium, you can download music and podcasts to your Apple Watch, allowing you to listen to them without an internet connection. You can store around 10 hours worth of downloads on your Apple Watch, which is more if you have more storage on your watch model. But note that there is a download limit of 50 tracks per playlist.

To use Spotify on your Apple Watch, you’ll need iOS 12 or newer running watchOS 7 or newer. When you first run the app, it takes you to the basic playback control screen that is similar to the now playing app. The song title and artist display in the top part of the screen, and the controls below allow you to play, pause, move ahead one track, move back one track, control the volume with a digital crown, choose whether to add or remove a track from your library, and control the playback device.

In most cases, you’ll likely be using it with your iPhone. However, you can switch playback between your iPhone and other devices running the Spotify app from your Apple Watch. When you swipe left from the playback screen, you can access your library or recently played tracks and playlists. When you swipe right, it tells you more about the current playlist.

Overall, the Spotify Apple Watch app has become quite powerful, and with a premium membership, you don’t even need your iPhone to use Spotify. It’s great for those on the go who want to listen to music or a podcast. If you have any thoughts or questions about Spotify on the Apple Watch, please feel free to share them in the comments below.