How to Remove Complications from Apple Watch Face

Unlike traditional watches, the face on an Apple Watch can be customized and changed. With the Watch app on the iPhone, it’s easy to edit the watch face. By tapping and holding the face on the watch, one can access the edit option. The changes made on the watch are reflected on the Watch app and vice versa.

Apple Watch faces come with complications that are extra pieces of visual data or buttons that can be added to the watch face. These complications can be edited in the Watch app or on the watch itself. The Watch app has a wide variety of complications grouped by app, and they can be switched to a different complication or turned off. To turn complications off for a minimalist look, scroll to the top of the complication list and select “off.”

To add a second watch face on the watch, tap and hold on the face, swipe left, and tap “new.” There are various watch faces available that can be scrolled through, and a new one can be added. To edit a watch face, tap and hold on it to access the edit option.

It’s possible to share watch faces that a friend might like using the Messages app. Sharing options also include Airdrop and Mail. If a watch face is no longer needed, it can be deleted by going into edit mode, swiping up, and tapping the delete button next to the face that needs to be removed.

Overall, editing an Apple Watch face and its complications is easy and can be done on the Watch app or the watch itself. With various watch faces and complications to choose from, there’s no limit to the customization that can be done.