How Many People Can Watch HBO Max at Once?

The Standard plan supports streaming on 3 devices at the same time. If you have the Mobile plan (not available to new or returning subscribers), you can stream on 1 device at a time .

HBO Max has quickly become a popular streaming service for many people. With a price tag of $15 a month, it’s important to know how many simultaneous streams you can have running at once to determine if it’s worth the investment.

Unfortunately, HBO is purposefully vague about the number of streams you can have running at the same time. While they do state that you can have any number of devices on one account, they don’t provide a clear answer on the number of streams.

To find out, Adam Jessica from Adam Answers signed up for HBO Max and tested it out. He found that you can have up to three streams running simultaneously. Once you hit the fourth stream, you will get a message on one of your devices that you can no longer watch on that device because too many streams are running at the same time.

HBO doesn’t provide this information in their marketing materials, and it’s unclear why. It’s possible they don’t want people to share account information with others, or they may change the limit in the future.

If you need to bypass the three-stream limit, there is an alternative. You can download movies or episodes to watch offline. You can have up to 30 downloads, and they’ll sit on your device for 30 days before they expire. If you begin watching a download, it will expire after 48 hours. You can also renew downloads to watch them again later.

In conclusion, for most people, three simultaneous streams will be enough. If you need more, use the download feature to watch something offline. While the lack of clarity on the number of streams is frustrating, it’s good to know that there are alternative options available.


Can I share my HBO Max account with friends?
Can I share my HBO Max account with my friends? Yes, you can share your account with some friends. You will want to log into your account and then click on “Manage Account”. Enter the person's name and select “Add To My Account” from the drop-down menu of services you want them to have access to.
How many people can watch HBO go at once?
39) How many devices can I link to my HBO GO account? You can link up to 5 registered devices to your account (subject to 2 concurrent streams). Web browsers are counted as individual devices.
How many people can share a Max account?
HBO Max account holders can have five user profiles but can watch up to three simultaneous streams.
Does HBO Max allow password sharing?
HBO Max. At the moment, HBO Max (soon-to-be Max) officially advises against password sharing. According to their terms of use, you're not allowed to share your password with anyone who doesn't live with you.