How Does True People Search Get Information About You?

A free website named True People Search is raising serious privacy concerns as it allows anyone to find information about you with just your first and last name. People who were unaware of this site were shocked when they saw how much of their information was available for anyone to see. The website is like a one-stop-shop for your personal information, where you can find everything from your cell phone number to where you live and even where your relatives live. It’s all perfectly legal, but there is a way to get your information off of this site. is a website that aggregates mostly public record information in one place, and its goal is to make finding lost friends and family as easy as possible. Although the website claims that the information it shares is public, many say that aggregating all this information in one free site makes it a little too public.

Many people found more than they wanted to about themselves on the website. For instance, Nicole Miller had never heard of the site, but it knew all about her. In seconds, it had a list of everywhere she has lived, including her parents’ locations. Another user found more information than she would have liked, including her maiden name, married name, and ex-married name. She also found her daughter’s information and wondered who was looking at it and what their intention was.

While some people are okay with having their information available online, others find the situation unsettling. One person posting on the site said, “Your site is horrible. One of the names on mine is a guy who stalked and tried to kill me.” Another woman said, “I would like a way of eliminating my information from a site like this.”

If you want to remove your information from this site, you can click on the Privacy tab and hit “Record Removal Request.” The process usually takes a few hours. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only site that shares personal information. FamilyTreeNow shares the same details, and there are likely to be others.

Keeping track of how much of your information is out there is a job that not many people care to do. Although the information shared on these sites is mostly public, it’s essential to be aware of how much of your personal information is available online. If you’re uncomfortable with having your information available on these sites, make sure to remove it using the process mentioned above.