How Long Do Books Last: A 70-Year-Old’s Love for Reading

In a world where smartphones and TV shows often take precedence over the age-old pastime of reading, Michael Coulter, a seventy-year-old from Peru, Illinois, has managed to plow through over 5,000 books in eight years. Coulter reads an average of two books a day and claims to have read 74 best-selling thrillers by his favorite author, James Patterson.

Coulter’s love for reading started when he retired and gave up drinking in 2006. He says that the secret to reading is putting yourself into a book like a character. Coulter has a soft spot for mysteries and books about American history. However, he does not like to read love stories and science fiction. When asked why he doesn’t like love stories, Coulter simply replied that there is always love somewhere in a book, and you can’t avoid it.

Coulter’s vast knowledge on books and his love for reading has even led him to inspire children in schools to read. He believes that kids these days are just like he was in high school, not interested in reading.

Coulter cycles his books through and usually keeps a stock of 200 in his bedroom. When asked about his reading habits, he said, “I get really afraid if I don’t have anything to do, or just sit on my rear end. This was a good book.”

In conclusion, Coulter’s love for reading is impressive and inspiring. His story shows that no matter how old you are, it’s never too late to start reading. The secret to becoming a bookworm is to find a genre that you enjoy and put yourself into the book like a character. Happy reading!