How Do I Know if my Car Has an Alarm?

Check The Fob And Owner's Manual If you have bought your car used, there's a pretty easy way to check if your vehicle came with a car alarm installed: check the owner's manual and look at the key-fob. Your vehicle's manual is a great resource for finding out if the car came with an alarm.

If you’re someone who is concerned about the security of your car, you might be wondering whether or not it has a factory alarm system. While some cars come with this feature as standard, others don’t, which means that you might need to install an aftermarket alarm system for added peace of mind. But how can you tell whether your car has a factory alarm or not?

One way to find out is by following the steps outlined in this guide. First of all, you’ll need to lower your driver’s window and start the car. Then, close the door and hit the lock button on your remote. If your car has a factory alarm, you should notice a red light flashing somewhere on the dashboard. However, not all cars have this feature, so don’t rule out the possibility of having an alarm just because you can’t see the light.

Next, wait for around 30-40 seconds before opening the door from the inside using the lever. If your car has a factory alarm, the interior lights will come on and the alarm will sound. If nothing happens, then your car doesn’t have a factory system, and you’ll need to install an aftermarket alarm instead.

It’s worth noting that some cars don’t come with a factory alarm but may have had one installed later on. In this case, you might be able to tell if your car didn’t come from the factory with leather seats, for example, or if it has other aftermarket modifications that suggest an alarm system might have been added.

This process applies to all cars, regardless of make or model. So, if you’re wondering whether your Honda Accord, Lexus, Infiniti, Tahoe, Chevy, Ford, or any other car has a factory alarm, just follow these steps and find out for sure.

In conclusion, checking whether your car has a factory alarm system is a quick and easy process that can give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your vehicle secure. If your car does have a factory alarm, you might want to consider ordering a shock sensor kit to enhance its security features even further.


How do I know if my vehicle has anti-theft?
Most modern cars have a dash light that indicates that the anti-theft system has been triggered. The icon for the anti-theft system looks like a car and a lock combination. When this light is on and flashing (it will be either or blue), it will indicate that your car's anti-theft system is activated.
How do you know if your car alarm is activated?
When an active alarm is set off, it usually makes the horn of the vehicle sound and the lights flash until it is deactivated with the key fob or the ignition key. Some vehicles only have this feature on the driver's door, while other systems alert if any door or the trunk is opened.
Do all cars have alarms?
Most new cars come with a standard sensor trigger installed. This is the most basic form of car alarm and will set off a siren if the sensors are tripped, for example, if the door or windows are opened. Older cars do not have any security system, however, a basic alarm can be installed for a small one-time fee.