How Do I Get Thunderbird to Open Links in Chrome?

What to Know Go to Menu >, Preferences >, Config Editor. Search for network. protocol-handler. warn-external. http. Set values to True for network. protocol-handler. warn-external. http and . https. Open a link in Thunderbird, select Choose, and pick a web browser. Check Always use this application.

If you’re using Thunderbird as your email client and prefer to open links in Google Chrome instead of your default browser, this post is for you. By default, when you click on mail-to links in Thunderbird, it will either do nothing or open in your default browser. However, with a few simple steps, you can change the default browser to Chrome and enjoy the convenience of having all links open in Thunderbird.

The first step is to copy this address and paste it into a new tab in Chrome. Here, you’ll see active protocols on your browser. If you see the “mail” option, choose “Gmail” and set it to “none.” If you don’t see any of these options, don’t worry – just skip this step.

Next, go to the Start menu and search for “default program.” Click on the option that appears under “Control Panel > All Control Panel Items.” Here, you’ll choose the first option to check your default programs. Look for Thunderbird or any other email client you’re using on your system. Choose the option to “choose default for this program.” Under “protocols,” check the box next to “mail” and click “save.”

Now, visit any web page that contains mail-to links and click on them. They will automatically open in your Thunderbird application. You can use this method to set any other application as your default mail-to handler.

In conclusion, changing the default browser for mail-to links in Thunderbird can make your email experience much smoother and more efficient. With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy the convenience of having all links open in your preferred email client.


How do I make Chrome my default links to open?
Open Chrome >, Settings. Click Default browser >, Make default. In the pop-up, select Use “Chrome” to confirm.
How do I change my default browser to open links?
Select Start >, Settings >, Apps >, Default apps. Open Default apps.Select Microsoft Edge.Next to Make Microsoft Edge your default browser, select Set default.
How do I change the default search engine in Thunderbird?
Select the General panel. Under Default Search Engine, use the drop-down menu to select your preferred search engine from the list. Click OK to close the Options window.
How do I open a URL in Thunderbird?
Right-click (Mac users ctrl + click) the link and select Open Link in New Tab. This will open up a new tab in Thunderbird and display that web page right inside of it.