How to Open SWF File on Chrome Browser

Open SWF File In Explorer Launch IE. Go to the gear cog. ... Select Manage add-ons from the drop-down menu. ... Click on Toolbars and Extensions on the next page. ... Scroll to the Microsoft Windows Third Party Application Component option. Select Shockwave Flash Object. ... Click the enable button under status. Hit Close.

If you have an SWF file and want to play it on Facebook or any other website using Chrome, you may have noticed that Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported. However, there is no need to worry because there is a solution. In this article, we will show you how to enable Flash Player on your Chrome browser and play SWF files.

Firstly, open your Chrome browser and type “Flash Player Test” in the search box. Click on the first link that appears. You will see that Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported. This is where we need to install an extension.

To install the required extension, click on the puzzle icon (or the three-dot icon), go to More Tools and then click on Extensions. This will take you to the Chrome Web Store. Alternatively, you can directly type “Chrome Web Store” in the search box and click on the first link.

Once you are on the Chrome Web Store, search for “Flash Player”. You will see several extensions, but we recommend using “Flash Player for SWF File”. Click on “Add to Chrome” and the extension will be added to your browser.

After the installation, pin the Flash Player extension to the toolbar by clicking on the puzzle icon and selecting “Pin”. This will enable the extension, and you can now play SWF files on your Chrome browser.

To test whether Flash Player is working correctly, go to the Flash Player test website and click on the first link. You should be able to play the SWF file on your Chrome browser using the installed extension.

In conclusion, playing SWF files on Chrome may seem difficult without Adobe Flash Player, but with the right extension, it’s a breeze. Just follow the steps we have provided, and you will be able to play your SWF files on Chrome without any issues.


How do I run a SWF file?
Step 1) Search for the Flash player extension on the Google Chrome browser and tap the “Add to Chrome” button.Step 2) Open the “Extension Manager”Step 3) Click on the Flash player extension icon to enable it.Step 4) Right-click the SWF file and select “Open With” from the pop-up list.More items...•
How do I open a SWF file in Windows 10?
Click File >, Open >, select an SWF file or simply drag and drop the SWF file to the Adobe Flash Player window. You can also browse an SWF file on your local computer or enter the URL on the web. Now you can watch the SWF file on your computer.
How do I open a SWF file in Chrome?
Click the Extensions Manager icon in the upper right corner followed by Manage extensions. Toggle the icon beside the Flash player extension to enable it. Choose any SWF file, right-click on it, and open it with Chrome. This is how to play SWF files in 2022.
How to convert SWF to MP4?
Launch Adobe ® Flash ®.Import the SWF file for conversion.Click on File and choose Export.Choose Export Movie.Select the output format as MP4.Click on Export.