How Do I Download Yosemite on My Mac?

Launch the Mac App Store by clicking its icon in the Dock or double-click the App Store application located under /Applications in Finder. Navigate to the OS X Yosemite download page by searching the App Store for Yosemite. Once you locate OS X Yosemite, select the Download button.

If you’re experiencing some issues with your Mac, one of the best solutions is to reinstall your OS X. In this article, we’ll teach you how to reinstall your OS X without losing any of your files or programs.

To begin with, turn off your Mac and hold the Command R keys simultaneously when turning it on. This process works for iMac, MacBook Pro, and any Mac device. Wait for about 30 seconds while a slow bar loads up. A faster bar will then appear, indicating that you can let go of the keys.

Next, choose your preferred language and press continue. It’s important to note that reinstalling your OS X will not erase any of your content, so there’s no need to worry about losing any information.

You will then see the option to reinstall OS X. Press continue, and make sure to do a backup before proceeding. You can use Time Machine to do a full backup of your Mac.

When you see the screen prompt, press continue and sign in to your Apple ID. Have your password ready and ensure that you have an active internet connection. It’s better to connect your Mac directly to your router via an internet cable for faster internet speed.

Choose your main HDD and go to the install button. During the installation, you won’t lose any files except for your wallpaper. You won’t need to reinstall any programs either.

Once the installation process is complete, you will see an Apple logo that will load up and go right to your screen as normal.

In conclusion, reinstalling your OS X can help fix some issues with your Mac. Make sure to do a backup and follow the steps above to reinstall your OS X successfully.