How Deep to Bury Ethernet Cable: Lessons Learned from DIY Installation

For instance, keep your Ethernet cables at least 8 inches (20 centimeters) away from power lines. Afterward, you will need to plan how deep you should bury your cable. We recommend a depth of at least two feet . Because if you do not bury your cable deep enough, it may suffer the risk of becoming severed someday.

Installing an Ethernet cable may seem like a simple process, but there are several important factors to consider in order to ensure a successful installation. One of the crucial decisions to make is how deep to bury the cable. This was a lesson learned by a DIY enthusiast who shares his experience in this blog post.

Firstly, he learned that it is advisable to use an inch and a quarter plastic pipe to protect the cable. This type of pipe allows you to easily pull out the cable and replace it if necessary, without having to dig up the entire trench. Although this added an extra cost of $120, it was a valuable investment in the long run.

Digging the trench proved to be a challenging task, as the cable needed to be buried at a depth of two to three feet. The DIY installer had to shovel the ditch himself, which required a lot of effort. However, this depth was necessary to ensure that the cable would go under other obstacles such as tree roots and gas lines.

Another lesson learned was that it is important to know which end of the cable to feed through the pipe. The installer discovered that the cable would keep hitting against the pipe if fed in the wrong direction, making it difficult to slide through. He also found out that it is not true that you can simply bury the pipe and feed the cable through, as this would require taking it apart every so often to pull the cable through.

The DIY enthusiast also emphasizes the importance of being careful when digging near other cables, as it is easy to cut off power or communication lines. In his case, he ran into an old wire that used to connect to a chicken coop, which luckily did not have any power running through it.

Overall, installing an Ethernet cable requires careful planning and attention to detail. By investing in a protective pipe and digging deep enough to avoid obstacles, you can ensure a successful installation that will last for years to come.


Can Ethernet cable be buried?
Bury the Cable in Conduit When Possible Ethernet cable graded for use outdoors can be installed in direct exposure, including strung in the air between two buildings or structures. In most cases, however, it's preferable to hide the cabling out-of-sight and bury it underground.
How deep is Internet wire buried?
The main line in the easements and right of ways are buried between two and four feet deep and the fiber drop to the house or to the pedestal may vary between 6 to 18 inches in depth.
Can you direct bury Cat6 cable?
Direct Burial Solid Shielded Cat6 is used for applications that require the cable to be outdoors or directly in ground with or without the use of a conduit. Direct Burial Cat6 is made with a polyethylene (PE) jacket to protect the cable from water, and extreme temperatures.
How deep to bury CAT5?
Cat5e direct burial Ethernet cables should be placed roughly 8 inches underground and kept 8 inches away from any buried power lines.