Bravely Default: How to Get More Villagers

Are you looking to get more villagers in the Narende Village within the demo version of Bravely Default without street passing anyone? Look no further! Here’s how to get over 20 villagers in no time.

Firstly, you need to have beaten all of the quests up to the adamantite shell boss. Once you are at that quest, talk to the NPC who sends a villager to your Narende Village. Your village population will increase by one. But here’s the glitch: click on save, but go straight to the title menu. As soon as you jump on in, the amount of Narende villagers will actually save, but everything else won’t. This means you can talk to the NPC again and he will throw another person at your village. Rinse and repeat this process to get up to 999 villagers if you want. But you only need 20 of them to pass on to the full version of Bravely Default if and when you purchase it.

So why do you want these villagers? They help you build anything inside the village and make it go a lot quicker. With one person, it’s going to take two hours, but with 20 people, it’ll take only six minutes in order to break open the obstacles that are in the way. Once they’re broken, you have access to the shops. By sending all your Narende villagers to those shops, you can level them up, making it faster to max out the shops levels at level three to get the best possible items within them. This will give you a huge advantage within the game.

Inside the actual game, they will allow you to bring over 20 villagers. You’ll be set with a clear advantage which is going to be very awesome. So, if you want to get more villagers, follow this glitch and get ahead in the game.

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