Bosbos Speaker: How to Connect and Enhance Your Audio Experience

Are you on the hunt for a subpar, off-brand wireless Bluetooth speaker? Look no further than the Bosbos Speaker, priced at just $40-60. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Bosbos Speaker, its features, and how to connect it to your devices.

The Bosbos Speaker is a larger version of the Bosbos Drop Speaker, with a 4-inch driver and 800 milliamp-hour battery. While it doesn’t necessarily offer a louder sound, the larger driver should provide better sound quality. The speaker comes with a USB A-to-micro USB cable, a 3.5-inch auxiliary cord, and an instruction manual.

The Bosbos Speaker boasts a variety of functions and buttons, including mode, play/pause, forward/back, and dedicated volume controls. It also features a USB input, micro SD card input, auxiliary cord input, micro USB for charging, on/off switch, and quarter-inch input for a microphone or other instrument.

The speaker itself is built from two halves of molded plastic, with some split seams and residue visible. While it is slotted open on the back for better sound quality, it may still lose some bass due to this design.

To connect the Bosbos Speaker to your device, turn it on and pair it via Bluetooth. Users can also hold the play/pause button to turn the lights on and off. To pair multiple speakers together, hold the “M” button and follow the instructions. While this may take some trial and error, it is possible to pair different models of Bosbos Speakers together for an even more immersive audio experience.

While the Bosbos Speaker may not blow you away with its sound quality, it is a budget-friendly option for those in need of a wireless Bluetooth speaker. If you have any questions or comments on this Bosbos Speaker review, feel free to leave them below.


How do I connect my remote speaker?
Android: Go to Settings >, Connected devices >, Bluetooth. Select Pair new device and then tap the speaker's name.