Why Are Page Numbers Not Showing in Word? Here’s How to Fix It.

Press the shortcut key combination ALT - F9 to display the field, or page numbers, instead of the field code .
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Page numbers are an essential part of any document, but sometimes they can cause trouble. If you’re having a hard time making them appear in your Word document, don’t worry – you’re not alone. In this post, we’ll go over the steps to fix the problem and get your page numbers working correctly.

First things first, let’s take a look at your headers. The first step is to determine if your headers are set up correctly. When you click on your first page, you should see “First Page Header Section One” on the right-hand side. This means that Word recognizes this as the first page of your document and won’t include it in the table of contents. However, if you see the same thing on other pages, like in section two, you’ll need to deselect “Different First Page Header” for section two. This will allow Word to recognize the table of contents as a page, but it won’t include a page number.

Once you’ve cleaned up your headers, it’s time to format your page numbers. To do this, click on the page number in the header and go to “Format Page Numbers.” Make sure to select “Continue from Previous Section” for each section of your document so that Word can recognize the continuation of the numbering system. This will help ensure that your page numbers are correct and in order.

Now that your page numbers are formatted, you can test them out. Go to the current position in your document and check if your page numbers are appearing correctly. If not, you may need to unlink your page numbers from the previous sections. To do this, click on the header, then deselect “Link to Previous.” This will allow you to delete the page numbers on specific pages without affecting the rest of your document.

To remove page numbers from the table of contents page, simply delete the number while in the header and footer tools. This will take out the number without removing it from the body of the document.

In conclusion, fixing page numbers in Word can be a daunting task, but with these steps, you’ll be able to get them working properly. Remember to clean up your headers, format your page numbers, and unlink them as needed. Now you’re ready to print your document with confidence, knowing that your page numbers are correct and in order.