PS4 How to Fix HDMI Port: A Step-by-Step Guide

The only good and permanent fix for a bad HDMI port is to replace the entire port . Some of them just have pins that have been pushed back so they no longer make contact with the pins on the cable. Even though many times you can push these pins back into place, there is no good way to keep them there.

If you’re a gamer and you have a PS4, you know how frustrating it can be when your HDMI port gets damaged. Thankfully, there’s a solution. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to fix your PS4’s HDMI port.

First, you’ll need to take apart your PS4. Remove the four torx screws that secure the bread portion of the plastic gaming sandwich. There are two in the center and one on either side of the bottom panel. The hard drive cover can be popped off anytime, none of the screws hold it in.

Once you’ve removed the screws, take out the hard drive. The manufacturer secures their drive tray with an engraved Phillips screw. The rest of the torx screws that you need to remove are all the same size and length. Two of those screws are holding the larger top panel in place. With a bit of persuasion, the top panel pulls away from the front.

Next, remove the heatsink bracket by removing two jumbo Phillips heads. There are some more torx screws to remove, and then the fan gets unlatched. These are the butts of screws still holding the shield in place. Time to remove the bottom cover and get the power supply out of the way. The heads of those screws can be found holding grounding springs to the power supply. There are also three more of the same torque screws holding the brick in place.

Now it’s time to get creative. If you encounter screws that are recessed and not turning, you may need to grind them out. Be sure to follow safety precautions when doing this.

Once you have the power supply out of the way, disconnect the disk drive ribbon antenna and disk power. Finally, the shield can be pulled away.

At this point, you should be able to see the issue with the HDMI port. The pins have been pushed through the port. The newer HDMI port on the PlayStation 5 has a metal back wall to prevent this.

Use leaded solder to mix with the unleaded holding the feet in and lower the overall melting temperature. Next, the heat gun pours hot air over the top at 450 degrees Celsius, liquefying all the solder. Cleaning off the old solder is important, as it’ll be replaced with much better leaded solder. Get the data pads tinned and ensure a nice spot for the pins to rest. The replacement port gets pressed into place, and each pin has pressed its respective pad and checked back to the opposite side of the board. The feet will get a generous amount of solder to hopefully alleviate any future abuse it may go through. The board will also be cleaned of all the flux.

Next, replace the thermal paste on the APUs with fresh thermal paste. Reassemble and test the board by placing it in with the ports first. The shield and heatsink bracket will be needed, and the components will be reconnected. The power supply will certainly be needed for testing.

Once you’ve tested the board, you should see that the HDMI port is as solid as a rock. This guide should help you fix your PS4’s HDMI port. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.


How much does it cost to fix the HDMI port on a PS4?
anywhere from $90-$130 or more is common. You might have a repair shop in your area who can fix it but if not there are several repair shops here on ifixit who can repair this for you.
How do I fix my HDMI port malfunctioning?
Step 1: Check if you are using the correct INPUT. ... Step 2: Disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable. ... Step 3: Check the output of the connected Video device. ... Step 4: Check your amplifier. ... Step 5: Unplug the Video device and TV. ... Step 6: Try a different HDMI cable.
Can you play PS4 without HDMI port?
Second scenario: “Can you play a PS4 without an HDMI?” Yes, but with some setup that does require a display at least hooked up in our first example. The PS4 is capable of Remote Play allowing you to play a game, running on your PS4, using a controller even but displayed on your smartphone or tablet via WiFi.