iPhone HDMI Adapter Not Showing Video: A Review

Have you ever been in a hotel and wanted to watch something from your iPhone on the TV, but didn’t have an adapter to connect them? Peter Vaughn Pandey, known as Peter Brown Panda on YouTube, had this problem and decided to try out a cheap AV adapter for iPhones. His goal was to find one that was cheap but also worked. In this post, we’ll take a look at his review of the adapter and whether or not it’s a good option for those on a budget.

The adapter that Peter tried was under $20, much cheaper than the official Apple one. It had an aluminum finish, was about 6 inches long, and had a chain for an edge. It also had an HDMI plug and another Lightning plug for charging the device while it’s connected. Peter’s goal was to find out if it worked with various apps, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, or if they would protect their content from being streamed without royalties being paid by the hardware developers.

Peter found that the adapter worked for mirroring the standard applications on an iPhone or iOS device, such as YouTube. However, he discovered that other apps had trouble working with the adapter due to licensing issues. For example, when trying to play an episode on Amazon Prime Video, the app just spun and spun when the adapter was plugged in. When he unplugged the cable and tried again, it worked fine. Peter found that some apps required a fee to work with accessories like the adapter. He suggested getting the official Apple AV adapter if you need it to work with other video programs.

In conclusion, the cheap AV adapter for iPhones that Peter tried does work for mirroring standard applications and is good for those on a budget. However, there are catches, such as it not working with some apps due to licensing issues. If you need an adapter that works with all apps, it might be best to invest in the official Apple AV adapter.