How to Watch VR Videos on PS5

Playing the Video: Select the VR video you wish to watch and press play . Once the video begins playing, adjust the headset settings to ensure the best viewing experience. Enjoy: Put on the PSVR2 headset and enjoy the VR video. Make sure to take regular breaks if you become uncomfortable or feel dizzy.

If you have downloaded VR videos from YouTube or anywhere else, you may want to watch them on your PS5. It’s easy to do with just a slight modification to the file name. In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of running these files on your PS5.

First, you’ll need to download the app called “Little Star,” which you can get for free. However, you used to be able to sideload USB files for free, but now you have to pay a one-time license fee of $39.99 or $49.99 to use the app on your PS5.

Once you have the app installed, you can modify the file name of the VR video you want to watch. If you downloaded a 180-degree VR video, you need to modify the file name with “shark_180_SBS” for side by side. If it’s a 360-degree VR video, then use “shark_360_SBS” for side by side or “shark_360_OU” for over/under.

You’ll need a spare USB drive, flash drive or USB hard drive, and create a folder called “Little Star” with the file name modification you chose. Drag the modified file into this folder.

Now to stream the video on your PS5, go to the library, select applications, and then “Little Star Cinema.” Once the app loads up, go to the “side loaded little star” folder and select the video file.

The video will load up on your VR headset and you can enjoy it. You can also buy a lifetime license for Little Star for unlimited side loading off of USB drives, which costs $39 or $49.

That’s it! You can now watch VR videos on your PS5 with ease. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below.


How do I watch VR videos on my PlayStation VR?
From your PS4 home screen, select Settings.Scroll down and select Devices.Choose PlayStation VR.Choose Screen Size.Choose the size of screen you want: small, medium, or large.More items...•
How do I watch VR from USB on PS5?
Connect the USB drive to your PS5 console, and then select USB. A list of video files on your USB drive appears. Select a file to play it.