How to Watch Peacock TV on Cox Cable

Peacock TV has become one of the most popular streaming apps available today. However, it can be frustrating when you cannot download the app on your TV. This may be because you have an older model that is unable to download streaming apps or your TV is unable to connect to the internet.

The good news is that you can still install Peacock TV on any TV with an HDMI port by getting a streaming device such as a Roku stick or an Amazon Fire stick. These media streaming players have the capability of downloading Peacock TV. By using your Roku or Fire stick as your main streaming player, you bypass the operating system on your TV.

Both devices plug into the HDMI port on your TV, regardless of how old or what model it is. You can easily purchase one of these streaming players online.

By following these steps, you can have Peacock TV installed and ready to stream on your TV. It is a simple and effective solution that works for any model TV of any year.

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