How to Watch Movies on iTunes and Get Cash Back

If you’re wondering how to rent a movie on iTunes, it’s really simple. First, make sure you’re searching on the iTunes Store and that you’re on the movies section. Once you rent a movie or buy a movie, you can watch it on all three of your devices – iPads, computers, and iPhones. The file is kept in Apple’s cloud on the server. When you rent a movie, you have 30 days to decide when and where you want to watch your movie. Once you click play, you have 24 hours from that point to finish watching. When you purchase movies, you can watch them as often as you want.

The iTunes extras have bonus interactive features and many movies are in HD quality. If you’re interested in iTunes extras, look out for them. The new movies here are generally not rentable until they have been out for a while. So, you may have to scroll down to find the movie you want to rent. They also have a movie of the week that you can rent for $0.99.

If you want to put the movie in standard definition, it will generally be less to rent. For instance, you could rent the movie for $2.99 in standard definition, and if you want high-definition, it’s better quality, but that would be $3.99.

Now, if you’re interested in getting cash back when you rent a movie on iTunes, you can use a company called DubLi. You can join for free and every time you shop on iTunes, you’ll get 4.2% cash back. Also, there are tons of other stores where you can get cash back. By becoming a VIP member, you can get 10.2% cashback every time you shop at iTunes. You can click here to go to the store. Encourage you to check out all the different stores where you can get cash back.

So that’s how you rent a movie on iTunes and how you can get cash back while doing so. It’s really easy and straightforward. Enjoy watching movies on iTunes!