How to View Scheduled Tweets on Twitter

To view scheduled tweets on Twitter: click the left-side blue “Tweet” button, click Unsent Tweets and select the Scheduled tab . This is also where you can edit or delete any scheduled Tweets. Unsent Tweets is also where you can edit or delete any scheduled Tweets.

Twitter is a popular social media platform that enables users to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. While tweeting in real-time is great, sometimes it’s not feasible to do so. That’s where scheduled tweets come in handy. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to view your scheduled tweets on Twitter.

To get started, you need to log in to your Twitter account. If you don’t have an account, simply sign up with your email or phone number. Once you’re logged in, you can begin scheduling your tweets.

To schedule a tweet, click on the “Tweet” button, type in your message, and then select the “Schedule” option. Here, you can choose the date and time you want your tweet to be published. Once you’ve set the desired time, click “Add” and then “Confirm.” Finally, click “Schedule” to create the scheduled tweet.

Now that you’ve scheduled your tweet, how do you view it? To view your scheduled tweets, simply click on the “Schedule” button. You’ll see a list of all your scheduled tweets, including the date and time they’re scheduled to be published.

If you want to view the details of a specific scheduled tweet, click on the “Add Scheduled Tweet” button. Here, you’ll see the full details of the tweet, including the exact date and time it’s scheduled to be published.

Once your scheduled tweet is published, you’ll see it in your timeline just like any other tweet. You don’t need to do anything else – Twitter will automatically publish the tweet at the scheduled time.

In conclusion, scheduling tweets is a useful feature that can save you time and help you better manage your Twitter presence. With these simple steps, you can easily schedule and view your tweets on Twitter.


How do I cancel a scheduled tweet?
Step 1: In the tweet composition window, click the calendar icon.Step 2: Click “Scheduled Tweets.”Step 3: Click “Edit.”Step 4: Click the box to the left of the scheduled tweet you wish to delete.Step 5: Click “Delete.”Step 6: Click “Delete” on the confirmation window that appears.
Does it say if a tweet was scheduled?
Hit "Schedule" You've now scheduled a tweet for later. Twitter will remind you of this fact with some text telling you when the tweet is scheduled to post.