How to Use Dual Camera on Note 8

Have you ever wondered how to get back the old features from past Samsung phones on to your new Galaxy Note 8? The good news is that you can do this with any new or old Samsung phones. Today, we are going to show you how to get back dual camera on the Galaxy Note 8.

Dual camera mode means that you have two cameras in the back of the phone. You can shoot with both cameras at the same time, which is a great way to be creative. You can take an insta pic, make it smaller or bigger, and film video or take photos with both cameras. This way, you can be in the shot too, along with the person you are taking the photo of. This feature is perfect for vlogging because both you and your subject are in the shot.

So, how do you get this feature back when you cannot download it from the Galaxy App Store or the Google Play Store? First, you need to go to APK Mirror. Search for the specific app, such as APK Dual Camera. Once you find it, you can download the latest version or the older version, depending on your preference.

The problem with all these websites, including APK Mirror, is that you don’t know which app to install. There are advertisements on the page that can mislead you. To avoid this, you need to be very careful when navigating the page. The download APK is usually located in between the advertisements. Once you download the app, it will refresh and automatically install.

Getting back old apps or old parts of Samsung is a great way to enjoy features that Samsung gave up on. Developers have continued to update these features, and you can get the latest version from APK Mirror.

In conclusion, getting back dual camera mode on your Galaxy Note 8 is easy. Just go to APK Mirror, search for the specific app, download the app, and install it. This way, you can enjoy features from past Samsung phones on your new Galaxy Note 8.